Lack of sleep effects on body and brain

The act of sleeping is desirable to our body and mind. A healthy body always needs sound sleep. Sleeping habit, in the modern times, must also be get scheduled in your daily routine. In an average, human being sleep almost half of his life. It may seem some time as a huge threat of wastage of time till the ‘eternal sleep’. But for the wellbeing of a man it is is as important as nutrition and exercise. Although the course function of sleep is yet to be discovered, it service important functions which include growth and repair, memory consolidation, energy conservation and boost immunity. The above mentioned all aspects of benefit of sleeping is so essential that we cannot move forward in life without these.

Sleeping cycle ■》

There is a word “sleeping cycle” which generally denotes the wake up and rest schedule inherited in in a human being biologically. As per further research, it also proves that the sleeping cycle is enough for everyone i.e. it varies from person to person with respect of environment, geographical location and bodily needs. This sleeping cycle can be correlated with plants’ and flowers’ as we can separate different plants’ and flowers’ growth with respect to the sunlight. So proper sleeping cycle enthuses our body system to work properly.

Recent experiments in India■□

Sleeping is like recharging. It heals our body and mind to win daily life struggles. A new study in India shows direct link between sleep deprivation and drain in body temperature in rats.

The first author of the paper recently published in the “journal of sleep research” Lal Chandra Vishwakarma said–” we gently rocked the cage when vi so the the rats were falling asleep this gentle handling method does not induce much stress in rats.”

This was how did took shipped and meet rats 24 hours awake. In addition they were given adequate food and water in the cage. Temperature sensors implanted into the brain of 10 adult rats showed noticeable change in temperature, mainly hypothalamic temperature.

Why? (Also SCIENTIFIC explanation) ●○●

Rodents like rats, ginipigs, mammals like monkeys etc. are those kind of experimental species which has similar body system and reacting process like homo Sapiens.

Just to keep you updated the pituitary gland is called the master of all glands which controls many important secretion in human body. Again hypothalamus is called the master of master gland because its secrets hormone which only activates the military two secret for the forums like STH(sitro tropic hormone), GH (growth hormone), ACTH (adino corticotropic hormone), ADH etc which controls our entire body’s essential system.

Now, sleeping hits the master of master gland i.e. hypothalamus. The above mentioned test proved that sleeping controls the cerebral cortex and hypothalamus of our brain.

Now we to move to the key points. The cerebral cortex a keyrole in attention, awareness and memory while hypothalamus has various roles like– regulating body temperature, sleep-wake cycle, food in take, sextual behavior, releasing hormones and regulating emotional responses.


Analysing something logically and of our own awakens and touches our senses and it is a very scientific way also.

Blogger’s opinion and recent surveys●○》

As per ‘The Hindu’ several online surveys have shown that social media and unstructured work time have altered Millionnial’s sleep wake timings.

One of my influencer and also teacher , has published post relating the blue light problems — which denotes that as well as keep your eyes protected. The post also connotes that we also need to rest ise by shutting down our natural pin hole cameras and give time to regenerate. In my opinion taking prevention is one of the best choices but if we miss our sleeping hours that will slowly cause long-term issue. We need to relax our work load not to cut short our’s sleep cycle. This will make us internally and externally strong.


I have studied further about how to get better sleeping and how to maintain the sleep cycle in our busy life. A single comment is enough for me to bring forth the second part of this topic. Till then sleep deep and get a happy and healthy life.

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Ban ART in livestock


Etymologically the word livestock came into existence between 1650 and 1660, as a compound word combining the word live and stock which tends to say farm animals and to regard them as an asset. In some periods cattle and livestock have been used interchangeably. But today meaning of cattle is domesticated bovines while livestock have wider sense.

Why livestock and ART

As per the integrated demand of the world’s fast increasing population animal husbandry shifted to factory farming i.e. Nau rearing domesticated animals in in micro basis and in much natural way got substituted by commercial breeding. To meet the two ends of supply and demand the Artificial Reproduction Technique is being used. The technique of ART is used to breed animals artificially and by human involvement. It is indeed very useful to maintain the biodiversity by adding new members in the extinct species. It also a very quick and developed scientific process to breed domestic animals raised in an agricultural setting to produce labour and commodities such as milk, meat, eggs, fur, leather, flesh etc.


The process of breeding maintenance consumption of animal is being treated as a different codes of modern agriculture. It has been practiced since humanity’s transition to for me from hunter gatherer lifestyle. It is widely cal short type and varied across several time periods.

But now it has brought a complete change in the whole thing. The process has been commercialized and breeders are treating animals as only abstract materials. They have value but only to burgin, they have life but only to die in in the slaughter house and yes!! They have freedom but only to reproduce as much as they can.

In captivity

Have a sight in the ART based poultry farms. The “livestocks” are in captivity till their death and also there seriously prohibited to move because excess movement can lift up their BMR and they will loss the very importance of why they was born, i.e. to go to slaughter house and feed the mass. Moreover ART uses unnecessary production which is cruel, illegal and mala fide and contrary to the established principle of law.

Curse or boon

“Reproduction is a basic natural and biological need as well as urge of all living beings. No authority can arbitrarily trample or destroy the rights or needs of any living being including animals, by means of policy or practice, which in itself against nature and natural principles.” Rapid fulfillment of increasing human demand and income of money main please the breeders but it’s a curse all the animals. Animals become living stuffs, they face the situation which is more painful than death.

Genetic disorder and behavioral change

The process goes on generations after generations, so if it continues it will further bring genetical disorder and also enough behavioral change which will make them different from who they actually were. Now let us make it very clear to see that if it is not pulled on then the natural balance will be disrupted slowly and those ART-fied species will loss potential of combating natural change and also immunity.

Recent event

The mala fide-ness and the cruelty this also shook a Madurai resident Dr. S. Venkatesh and he took his step to file a petition which said ART is violative of the prevention of cruelty to Animals Act, the Biodiversity Act and the Environment (protection) Act. Now a bench lead by Chief Justice of India A.Bobde issued notice to the government, the Animal Husbandry Department, the Animal Welfare Board of India and the National Biodiversity Authority. The step of Dr. S. Venkatesh made a slip knot/ divulged the underlying issues and cruelty of ART.


We the human beings enjoy right to protection of life and personal liberty [as per Indian Constitution Act 21 reflect these as a fundamental right] widely. As per nature, we not only humans but also all other animals like freedom and there has also has value of life. So there also come sense of morality and sympathy which stands with all weak. People should come together for those voiceless creatures. Now let’s see who wins science or nature?!

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what is digital divide and how is it impacting the education system

The word “Digital Divide” signifies a type of modern classification and divisions among people, gender, generation and locality etc. in the parameter of Internet accessibility and operation .
                     ‘Digital divide’ occurs on the basis of mainly two categories –one who have the accessibility and availability to internet and another those who have not any of these .

The major concept of digital divide is not too old but the prevailence of it is now as prominent as daylight. Education is one of the major fields which is becoming digitalized and the major issues upcoming in our prevailing education system is very complicated .

Because of covid-19 pandemic we have been compelled to suddenly rush in our future solutions and take a step to online coaching to learn from home.

1. There is a part of the society who has felt no problem but apart from this is a Lion’s Share of the students do not get the required infrastructure to do so.

2.Now quality education in this digital generation needs good expenditure, where costly education is unaffordable to Common Man. And there is hardly some free coachings which provide quality education.

3. So with the variation of quality education with respect to its expenditure also has brought overt commercialization . Sometimes this also brings fake advertisings and path diverting elements also.

4.Now let us make it very clear to see that this also made gross enrollment pattern- low. And apart from this it also fails from its capacity utilisation in its full. Because of not only students with lesser digital access get further disadvantages but also teachers with less digital acquaintance finds it hard to give their best with these modern technologies.

5. With these again now student teacher ratio can be introduced as a vital point of issue. Because lower rate of teachers in comparison with large number of students many times leads to- not sufficient involvement of all students in the process.


Quality learning: As education is the greatest ‘Equaliser’ so while schools and colleges and other study courses move online so we have to focus on quality education not quantity education to involve students in their study progress by not to pressurizing them but to open Windows to think in diverse direction.

Link education with real life skills : Education is a way to enlighten life. In the situation of pandemic we cannot pressurize students rather can link study material with real experiences to make them think themselves and to direct only in their way, through self learning and inquisition.

Democratize education: Further, even in this online study era government has to make education democratized that is to democratise the entire education system to make it available to all students in a sense of equality.

Affordability and accessibility:Access to technology and internet is an urgent requirement in the information age, it should no longer be a luxury. Technology has the full potential to achieve Universal quality education and improve learning outcomes. Affordability is also the key thing to it. That’s why, government has taken various steps to handle it:- 1) Bharat net -》 initiative to provide Broad Band in rural area by connecting 25,0000 Gram Panchayat with high speed optical fibre network. 2)Pradhanmantri Gramin Digital Sakshareta Abhiyan (PMGDSA)-》 empowering citizens to operate computer and digital access devices thus enabling them to use it and related services especially digital payments. 3) SWAYAM -》It is to the bridge the digital divide for students who have remained untouched by the Digital Revolution and had not been able to join the mainstream of the knowledge economy. 4) GSAT-29-》It is a multi beam, multi band communication satellite of India which helps to bridge digital divide of users. Apart from these some private initiation have also been taken- like companies named Microsoft, Reliance with partnership with U.S. agency for international development etc which focuses upon helping people to Bridge digital divide, Gender Digital divide in India etc.

Conclusion: Discussions in Delhi H.C. reflects that the government should step in to reap democratic dividends. So there is an urgent need to bring steady change in the education policy of the entire country. To develop understanding between the policy makers and among all , working from the level zero , is required. More government involvement is needed because when we move towards change its natural for doubt and questions to arise in people’s mind and responsibility to quench these goes to the government. Schools are trying to bridge the divide but many EWS students still fallout e-learning net. Goverment should rapidly dicuss and use all possible options (like:- making corporate junks available to the needy ones, telecasting study materials via national channels with proper schedules etc.) to do damage control and securing the light of natonal education. So, proper, well thinked and steady solutions should be introduced to make up the gap to the brim.

Featival of Light… Light of Nature😍 #festive thinking

The title reveals the most significant and mostly awaited festival– ‘Deepawali’, ‘Diwali’– throughout India and Nepal. Originally the name was Deepawali which has its origin from Sanskrit, meaning “rows of deep.” Over the years it has been pronounced as ‘Diwali’ especially in Hindi, where it remains till ‘Deepawali’ in Nepal.

Significance through Hinduism:-

There are many a myths about the religious origin among the Hindus as it is celebrated throughout Karnataka, Maharashtra, Andhra Pradesh, Tamil Nadu, Kerala and the North East States. But from the soul all symbolises the ‘Spiritual victory of light over darkness’, good over evil and knowledge over ignorance.

Tradition links the festival to legends in the Hindu Epic Ramayana where Diwali is the day Rama, Sita, Lakshman and Hanuman reached Ayodhya after the period of exile and Rama’s army of good defeated demon King Ravana’s Army of Evil. Diwali is not only a celebration for Hindus but also it is a festival for Jains , Sikhs and some Buddhist (notably newer Buddhist).

Trend of celebration:-

In the eve of Diwali houses, offices, shops and all working places lits up with the diyas and lightings and performs several religious rituals, feast and sweets.

So through its exaltation and exuberance it transports delight among every single person, let it be people from different religion. The whole India feels the electrifying enthusiasm as it tells nothing more than the triumph of truth and ‘the universal brotherhood’ among all.

Light of nature:-

Diwali is celebrated to erase the darkness of the most darkest day of the month of ‘Kartika’. We use not only diyas but also firecrackers to express our happiness; but exploding firecrackers is too harmful to the nature as well as for all animals. So, the cracking of firecrackers must have come to an end to make our environment pollution free and pet friendly. Make this Deepawali a no cracker day to establish it as a festival named ‘Light of Nature’ in the true sense of the term.

Spread love. HAPPY DIWALI.😘

Love The Truth

In literary works, truth and beauty have been expressed in a varied number of ways by authors of all genres. Infact literature adjoins life with truth and beauty and nature. Emparrelling the sense of love with humanity, to the depth of truth and beauty has started long before. So, if you want to love your life or want to define you— you have to love the ‘tough’ truths. Man discovers his strength through the hammering of obstacles. The love for the truth can never be a ‘betrayal’ — because our life is the mortification of “Truth”. Truth is the golden key to salvation. The spiritual realization aims the glorification of love. The love of nature and world, love of man, love of God.

Rabindranath Tagore, a Bengali polymath and the first Non-European Nobel laureate has also sought to explore the greater underlying truth of all the sensible beauty, through a complete spiritual exuberance. But it was all when his spirit lit up infornt of death and destruction. He was a poet of Romanticism but time made his spirit enroll towards the hardening of earth. So through” life’s fitful fever” we have to learn to love the ‘Truth’ same as Tagore in his romantic expressions poured intense solemnity and comfort, with a keen of beauty in things.


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The True Meaning of Love

‘Love’ is the most beautiful word which is existing in this word. It is not a mere word but its an action, a feeling that splashes our heart. Every living being in this planet, belongs this passion – be it the most cruel one. In fact we can feel its depth after seeing our first sun rays. Human beings have a beautiful mind, a strong brain and possess much feelings in his heart. So he tries to love everyone, everything and every moment.

  • Friendship and Love:–

Love starts with friendship. Because its only “friendship” that makes people know about each others. Even if a stranger can be the most beloved one when we gotta know him and feel him. A good friendship can switch towards a perfect relationship when we touch the sympathetic chord of another end. So my opinion stands for two best friend can lead a very good relationship.


A true love strongens with small fights and fight backs. My small shayari says that—-
Chote chote jhagree…..
Rishte ko banate Tagree…
A fight makes an effective sensation among both because they can feel their own drawback and other’s situation and that sensation transforms into devotion when they meets again.

  • Place “Respect” in Love:–

Now relationships has become like the pack of cards. It starts with ‘love’ and ‘diamonds’ and ends up with ‘club’ and ‘spheres’. But it has a greater and deeper sense. It is not the emotions and touchy feelings. It is obviously much more—“RESPECT”. All the buildings of ‘greater’ and ‘deeper’, love has the basement of immense “Respect”.
Today you are in great mood – you have those romantic feelings. But the initial charm in the relationships goes down with time. But respect for each other and respect for each other’s individuality doesn’t die down.

  • Types of Love (Colours of Love):–

As per my classification love can be of many types—Unconditional love, outside love, both sided love, triangle love etc etc.
So I will not go to explain those but the love which is the most beautiful one is the unconditional love. Love between a Mom and a child. Apart from this I can say that the one-sided loves stays with similar feeling as it only starves and shed tears for the “beloved”. There is no chance of fulfilment of those dream but those dreams expands its twigs with time and covers his soul to make him feel the most unfortunate and sorrowful person of the whole universe.
But it so how two ends meets up he becomes the happiest person 🙂

  • LOVE = ROSE :–

Love is like the complete package of “Rose”. The beauty, fragrance of relationship and also the thrones beneath the petals. To get the fragrance you have to feel and accept the thrones. It sometimes bleed and sometimes smiles. And the end of the day those smiles relieves the hurt.
So, forget “Love at first fight and divorce at first .” Spread LOVE and YOU can do it because I know YOU are AWESOME 🙂

Mind’s Eye is More Powerful than Visual Eye

                             In our human body there are five sense organs. ‘Eye’ is one of them. These five primary organs are needed to make a complete human being. This ‘Eye’ is called visual eye but the eye which are inside the human being, which are inside the soul are called “Mind’s eye”. Visual eyes are the organ which is necessary for viewing anything of the world. You will get more appropriate definition in the books of biology. But mind’s eye has a unique power and plays a vital role in human life. If we simply talk about the mind’s eye then we can say that it is the most used weapon for forming mental images significantly. It is simply a via of imagination. If one is said to imagine the table where you have eaten the breakfast today- he will easily talk about it. A mental picture of its size, texture and colour will be formed in his mind. That’s the mind’s eye which makes things easier to summon anything in front of you. It may be any building of an architecture, any page of a book by a reader, a bunch of events by someone. But if we think deeply we will find that the mind’s eye is the most precious power of human being.


  1. Mind’s Eye Is The Most Important Power To Get Your Imagination Framed :–

If you are going to write upon any topic, or any poem or any kind of stories before any of your organ, inner or outer, your mind’s eye will be first active. Your mind enables you to think upon any matter and frame it so that you can express your feeling in your writing. William Wordsworth, the famous poet of nature, had written- “I Wandered Lonely as a Cloud” after witnessing the unforgettable beauty of nature. ‘Daffodils’- the flower would dance and stretched in never ending line along with river ‘Tames’. It was his watching at a glance—-

Ten thousand saw I at a glance,

Tossing their heads in sprightly dance.”

Again he says that in vacant or pensive mood they flash upon that inward eye.

Which is the bliss of solitude;

And then my heart with pleasure fills,

And dances with the daffodils.”

————-A poet can never ever frame any poem before feeling it in his mind’s eye.


  1. Mind’s Eye Is Made For Realization :–

Realization is the noun form of realize. Our mind’s eye is the only organ made for realization. Here realization may also be described in two ways. First, the realization of any situation or any fact of our real world and the second is realization of God, the almighty. Famous Indian poet Lalan Phakir has said that the goal of the human being is to search our almighty.  Which is within us. Only we need to feel him. In every of his touch there is heaven. Mind’s eye is the best way to realize the almighty.


  1. Even In ‘Philosophy’ :–

Philosophy is an English word. The word ‘Philosophy’ has been derived from two words – ‘Philos’, that means ‘Love’ and ‘Sophia’ that means ‘Knowledge’. So, Philosophy means ‘Love of knowledge’. A true philosopher always says that he knows nothing. He is the spectator of all time and existence. Indian philosophers say that philosophy is the direct vision of truth. It is completely based upon realization. It is the path to realize yourself. A true philosopher may not have visual eyes but he must have powerful mind’s eye. The basement of ‘Philosophy’ is vast.

Philosophy has many branches. They can mainly be defined by four unique ways. These are—Epistemology, Metaphysics, Axiology and some brunches related to metaphysics. Axiology has three divisions- (i) logic, (ii) ethics and (iii) aesthetics. There are also some branches which have a strong correlation with metaphysics. Social philosophy, Political philosophy, philosophy of religion—are some under this domain.


Here ‘metaphysics’ is an inseparable part of ‘Philosophy’. ‘Meta’ means ‘Beyond’ and ‘Physical world’. So, ‘Metaphysics’ refers to ‘Beyond the physical world’. Briefly it is a very very important part of philosophy which deals with the substance which is beyond appearance (phenomena). It finds the nomena of any substance, experience or fact or question. Here the visual eye’s experience has no importance but the inner plays the main role.


  1. Mechanism:–


Vision is our most crucial sense. We rely upon it for survival. The mechanism of our visual eyes are same with our mind’s eye. Our eyes are the mini-cameras constantly filming the outside world and our inner eye is continuously receiving it. When we need something to remember, it flashes in our brain and all that works on the basis of neurons. Vision is completely depended on our optic nerve which receives sense from the outer world and works as a messenger to transmit it to the human brain. Again mind’s eye works by recollecting that sense from cerebrum. Both works in human beings and has similarities. Mind’s eye makes the circle complete. In realising our mind’s eye and making it stronger, our success in life depends. Now the choice is yours…





Among some of the important cultures of human development ‘Reading’ possess its own place. The activities of reading relates with knowledge acquisition, human and societal development .A society that is not literate cannot progress. Reading opens the door of infinite learning and the tireless scope of gaining knowledge .The benefits of reading cannot be listed in one place but here are some of them .Reading is the best way to absorb and acquire knowledge. Be it a magazine or a paper or novel or a book — it widens your basement of knowledge as well as your point of views. It broadens your ability of thinking and imagination. Good writing skill develops when you have a passion of reading. When you do not have; you cannot give. So if you do not have styles; you cannot develop styles in your writing. Reading books tremendously improves your vocabulary. A good stock of words enables you to build up a sentence more meaningfully and nicely. That’s why reading is regarded a good way to brush up language. Reading improves our span of knowledge. Whatever you read be it a poem or a story or a novel, it makes you better in understanding the world. Books relating to science helps us to discover our own world by logic. It erases superstition from our mind and makes us know the true reason behind every activity. Where books of poems, stories, novels emphasis on our feelings and sometimes informs the real picture of the society. As we know “Philosophy is the mother of arts.” Philosophy says that the knowledge, the thinking of different person is unique. Philosophy emphasis on absorbing everyone’s point of view. Reading is the most beneficial way to extend that process. Reading makes us educate every time. Swami Vivekananda said “Education is the manifestation of perfection already in man.” No one in the world is perfect but everyone tries to be perfect in every moments. Sri Sri Ramakrishna Dev said “As long as I live, so long do I learn.” Reading is the most precious source of learning. Autobiographies, biographies of famous persons reflects their society, their struggle and their thoughts. If one goes through history of mankind, he learns the mistakes of his predecessors and make himself prepare for such situation and never repeats those mistakes again. Moreover, reading of different spiritual books motives one to lead a life in its true sense. Even when you go through a piece of poem or a prose it usually draws your attention in its depth and influences you to search the actual language of literature. In this way reading aids concentration. Reading can also prove to be an excellent stress killer at times. Reading of funny stories and comics gives one the space to laugh at his heart’s content. Meanwhile, one forgets his stress. Reading moral stories, inspirational pieces can positively affect ‘You’ and ‘Your thinking’. Besides all of these reading provides you almost a free entertainment. These are just handful benefits of inculcating reading as a culture and as a part of your life.




If we look back thousands of years ago when the early human civilization just started rolling, we will find that man’s first creation was painting. Before thousands of years ago man was not civilized. He would go for hunting, would eat raw or roasted meat. At that time painting was his own way to express his feelings. Because man would spend a major time by hunting and searching food, the paintings of that time were all related with hunting.

After that the civilization has kept going forward and the thinking of man got equally change. Slowly he learnt how to speak, how to sing, how to communicate with others. There came letters words and sentence. But the interest of art did not erased; it increased with the time. There came a time when man used drawings and colours for the sake of his spiritual thoughts. The cave paintings, the wall paintings reflect human’s spiritual thoughts and the stories which were brought down to the era by many different persons. With progressing of time the mentalities of artists got equally changed. That’s why we can find differences between the paintings of modern age and the arts of the Europeans in 18th century but every art has its own feelings. The 15th century is the age of renaissance “Renaissance” is a French word which means “rebirth”. In this time new artists would deny the old tradition. They brought a revolution in the art that created new streams like realism, impressionism, futurism, surrealism etc. Different artists got identity throughout the world. Leonardo the Vinci, Raphael, Michelangelo are the artists who became immortal by their paintings. “Monalisa” by Vince, “The School of Athens” by Raphael, “The Night Watch”, “Girl with a Pearl Earring”, “The Starry Night”—are the famous and valuable paintings -which are the contents of “Art”. At ancient time the requirements of arts would be made from colouring rocks, various trees and from animals. With the evolution of time we use artificial colours, synthetic brasses instead of natural equipments. But now man is leaving all of these equipments and having a different choices i.e. computers. Computers can draw pictures, it can do anything what we want but the origin of all those are mechanical.. not manual .These pictures can be beautiful but cannot be valuable. The creativities of man has no end, has no full stop. It has the worth and is unique. Computer can draw but it cannot be the substitute of “Art” and “Man”. The language of painting has the power to bring revolution, it has the power to bring alternation. So it cannot be changed. If “Art” cannot speak, the civilization will loss its language…