Mind’s Eye is More Powerful than Visual Eye

                             In our human body there are five sense organs. ‘Eye’ is one of them. These five primary organs are needed to make a complete human being. This ‘Eye’ is called visual eye but the eye which are inside the human being, which are inside the soul are called “Mind’s eye”. Visual eyes are the organ which is necessary for viewing anything of the world. You will get more appropriate definition in the books of biology. But mind’s eye has a unique power and plays a vital role in human life. If we simply talk about the mind’s eye then we can say that it is the most used weapon for forming mental images significantly. It is simply a via of imagination. If one is said to imagine the table where you have eaten the breakfast today- he will easily talk about it. A mental picture of its size, texture and colour will be formed in his mind. That’s the mind’s eye which makes things easier to summon anything in front of you. It may be any building of an architecture, any page of a book by a reader, a bunch of events by someone. But if we think deeply we will find that the mind’s eye is the most precious power of human being.


  1. Mind’s Eye Is The Most Important Power To Get Your Imagination Framed :–

If you are going to write upon any topic, or any poem or any kind of stories before any of your organ, inner or outer, your mind’s eye will be first active. Your mind enables you to think upon any matter and frame it so that you can express your feeling in your writing. William Wordsworth, the famous poet of nature, had written- “I Wandered Lonely as a Cloud” after witnessing the unforgettable beauty of nature. ‘Daffodils’- the flower would dance and stretched in never ending line along with river ‘Tames’. It was his watching at a glance—-

Ten thousand saw I at a glance,

Tossing their heads in sprightly dance.”

Again he says that in vacant or pensive mood they flash upon that inward eye.

Which is the bliss of solitude;

And then my heart with pleasure fills,

And dances with the daffodils.”

————-A poet can never ever frame any poem before feeling it in his mind’s eye.


  1. Mind’s Eye Is Made For Realization :–

Realization is the noun form of realize. Our mind’s eye is the only organ made for realization. Here realization may also be described in two ways. First, the realization of any situation or any fact of our real world and the second is realization of God, the almighty. Famous Indian poet Lalan Phakir has said that the goal of the human being is to search our almighty.  Which is within us. Only we need to feel him. In every of his touch there is heaven. Mind’s eye is the best way to realize the almighty.


  1. Even In ‘Philosophy’ :–

Philosophy is an English word. The word ‘Philosophy’ has been derived from two words – ‘Philos’, that means ‘Love’ and ‘Sophia’ that means ‘Knowledge’. So, Philosophy means ‘Love of knowledge’. A true philosopher always says that he knows nothing. He is the spectator of all time and existence. Indian philosophers say that philosophy is the direct vision of truth. It is completely based upon realization. It is the path to realize yourself. A true philosopher may not have visual eyes but he must have powerful mind’s eye. The basement of ‘Philosophy’ is vast.

Philosophy has many branches. They can mainly be defined by four unique ways. These are—Epistemology, Metaphysics, Axiology and some brunches related to metaphysics. Axiology has three divisions- (i) logic, (ii) ethics and (iii) aesthetics. There are also some branches which have a strong correlation with metaphysics. Social philosophy, Political philosophy, philosophy of religion—are some under this domain.


Here ‘metaphysics’ is an inseparable part of ‘Philosophy’. ‘Meta’ means ‘Beyond’ and ‘Physical world’. So, ‘Metaphysics’ refers to ‘Beyond the physical world’. Briefly it is a very very important part of philosophy which deals with the substance which is beyond appearance (phenomena). It finds the nomena of any substance, experience or fact or question. Here the visual eye’s experience has no importance but the inner plays the main role.


  1. Mechanism:–


Vision is our most crucial sense. We rely upon it for survival. The mechanism of our visual eyes are same with our mind’s eye. Our eyes are the mini-cameras constantly filming the outside world and our inner eye is continuously receiving it. When we need something to remember, it flashes in our brain and all that works on the basis of neurons. Vision is completely depended on our optic nerve which receives sense from the outer world and works as a messenger to transmit it to the human brain. Again mind’s eye works by recollecting that sense from cerebrum. Both works in human beings and has similarities. Mind’s eye makes the circle complete. In realising our mind’s eye and making it stronger, our success in life depends. Now the choice is yours…




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10 thoughts on “Mind’s Eye is More Powerful than Visual Eye

  1. OMG!! This is really a fantastic writing… Got to know so many new things… Well done Sayak.. I am sure you have worked a lot to get at this level in that particular topic… By the way I really enjoyed it… Keep yourself flowing with your thoughts, emerging from your Mind’s Eye…!!!!

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  2. Sayak, indeed you have a powerful mind’s eye which enables you to get a
    strong analytical power. Keep it vigilant and carry on like this.


  3. Good piece of writing. You can also add relevant photos to your site. Free photos are available on unsplash.com and pexels.com. You can check these sites and use the photos to add a new dimension to your blog and also make it more colorful.

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