Featival of Light… Light of Nature😍 #festive thinking

The title reveals the most significant and mostly awaited festival– ‘Deepawali’, ‘Diwali’– throughout India and Nepal. Originally the name was Deepawali which has its origin from Sanskrit, meaning “rows of deep.” Over the years it has been pronounced as ‘Diwali’ especially in Hindi, where it remains till ‘Deepawali’ in Nepal. Significance through Hinduism:- There areContinue reading “Featival of Light… Light of Nature😍 #festive thinking”

Mind’s Eye is More Powerful than Visual Eye

                             In our human body there are five sense organs. ‘Eye’ is one of them. These five primary organs are needed to make a complete human being. This ‘Eye’ is called visual eye but the eye which are inside the human being,Continue reading “Mind’s Eye is More Powerful than Visual Eye”


Among some of the important cultures of human development ‘Reading’ possess its own place. The activities of reading relates with knowledge acquisition, human and societal development .A society that is not literate cannot progress. Reading opens the door of infinite learning and the tireless scope of gaining knowledge .The benefits of reading cannot be listedContinue reading “THE BENEFITS OF READING”